Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of #Mollis' tape, a high school girl’s nude photos and Kenyan deviant sex attitude

VIOLATED: A school girl after police officers arrested her and colleagues on a drug fuelled sexual binge in a public service vehicle. She was arrested with drugs concealed in her panties 
Kenyans have a history of reacting with shock, self-loath or utter humour to pubic sexual debates, a trend that shows how deep and diverse individual opinion on the subject.

In Kenya sex is a private matter often taken in strict privacy and never talked about openly in public due to taboo which creates controversial when we are faced with immediate public debate.

Takes for example in the past two days when Kenyan social media scene was awash about a sexual tape of a man called #Mollis (Morris) having sex with a girl who is unwilling.

In the tape, the girl is heard asking the #Mollis why he did not show up the previous day, before the man callously retorting if she needed sex then. The girl briefly requests #Mollis to come back tomorrow.

In the heat of sex the woman is heard groaning and pleading with #Mollis to stop citing being tired, pleas which are ignored.

Already #KOT has been awash with the tape with Kenyans creating funny memes while other condemning the tape as a show of the country’s intolerant rape culture and disrespect to women.

In the same day, a photo of a nude school girl arrested by police while on a binge in a bus has been circulated online.

The girl, in a major disregard to her rights was photographed with her bra visible and her white and maroon panties stuffed with bhang and matchboxes pulled down exposing her pubic hair.

We were shocked how high school students heading home from school could end up in a drug fuelled sexual frenzy in a public service vehicle.

As a country, we need to embrace our sexuality and make the debate to be more open from personal relationship with our lovers, children, parents and neighbours.

In this denial we often react with shock or humour when things we think of as taboos or private fantasies come out in public to challenge acceptability and show a wider behavior as a country.

The same reaction was treated to US biologist Alfred Kinsey in 1940-50s when he published the revolutionary Kinsey Report which is a collection of two books that extensively interviewed sexual orientation of approximately 6,000 Americans.

The results shocked the nation to realise sexual behaviours considered as ‘deviant” like homosexuality, extra-marital affair in women, sadomasochism among others were active in the society.

The report shaped research and policies on sex in the country. We need a similar professional report as what #Mollis’ tape and the school girl’s nude photo is but an informal report.

Try and consider how the public reacted when nude photos of Kenyans having sex in a public park at Muliro Gardens in Kakamega or leaked lurid SMSes sent to the popular Classic FM’s morning drive show.

Or how we are quick to consider gay as a non-issue in Kenya when our country top the globe in searching for gay porn on Google.

All these should throw a gauntlet to our social scientists to pull a Kinsey move and help scientifically map the country sex report.

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