Friday, March 1, 2013

Poem: The Fall by Manuel Odeny

I slipped
I felled
and never regained my balance
I grouped frantically for something to save me
And in my confusion I looked
and thought
I was falling in love with you
only to realize I was alone
with a broken heart
to keep me company

Gullibly I offered you my hand
you took my heart and life too

You were always there
you smiled, giggled, chuckled, joked and laughed
you listened, understood, comfort and counseled
you advised, sympathized and empathized
we touched, hugged and kissed
all clothed with friendship
to cover the nakedness of love

I’m seated patiently waiting for love
but the man standing is not yet satisfied
how can you talk to the seated
when people standing are still empty-handed?
I’m crawling to love
but some one is running to the alter
how can you run before you even learn to walk?
how can you run to unknown destination?

Silently like falling dust
the smoke rises and floats away
from dying embers of love

Manuel Odeny ©2013

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