Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poem: Please Smile by Manuel Odeny

Please smile
For it costs nothing but creates much
Your smile is rest when i'm weary
The daylight when discouraged
Sweet sunshine when sad
Please give me the nature’s best antidote for trouble

Hey girl please smile
When i'm so tired, angry and frowning
May I ask you to leave a soothing smile
For thou smile is sweet
To whoever has none to offer

Just part your rosy lips
Just give me the invaluable smile
So that I can see your dimple
On a beautiful face without a pimple
Truly thy smile can’t be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen
For a sweet smile is void of earthly good
Till it is given away

Face the world with a big smile
The big mirror reflects on what you do
It will truly smile back;
Create happiness in the home
Foster good will in the business
Countersign friendship and love

Hi my girl
Though in a flash you may smile
The sweet memoirs are forever etched in me heart
Thus smile but not from a mile
So if you want people to like you: SMILE

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