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Why fanatical support for TNA, ODM will lock out key candidates in Kikuyu, Luo area respectively

PM Raila Odinga and DPM Uhuru Kenyatta, both with their ODM and TNA parties are tribal chieftains in Luo and Kikuyu tribes respectively.
By Mwangi Wilson Murimi

I was drinking recently in a bar with a Luhya friend when our discussion took a political detour. Somewhere in the course of our conversation, I heard him mention that Kikuyus and Luos would be to blame in event that Kenya elects an inefficacious president.

I sought to know why my tribe and our lakeside brothers and sisters would carry the blame for such a national disaster. In response he said that the arrogance of the Kikuyu and Luo nations had brought the predicament of hopelessness that now stares the nation in the eye.

He told me that the Agikuyu have two of the best presidential candidates but the larger kikuyu populace has unanimously thrown their weight behind the pinnacle of kikuyu elite impunity by endorsing Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to my Luhya friend, Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua are two of the best presidential candidates for the country but the Kikuyus have refused to elevate either of the two to the Kikuyu Chiefdom, which would have automatically boosted their election to statehouse since they enjoy support across the Kenyan tribal divide.

Back in my home county of Kirinyaga where one of the presidential candidates, Martha Karua hails from, there is a general displeasure among the locals that one of their daughters has sought the presidential vote in clear disregard of the Son of Jomo whom they have already anointed president.

The general feeling there is that Martha Karua would do the country more good if she contested the Gichugu parliamentary seat or the Kirinyaga County senatorship, rather than heralding herself to political oblivion by fighting a losing battle.

The story is the same for Peter Kenneth whom the entire nation acclaims for his track record of development in his Gatanga constituency. Majority of his constituents have already endorsed him as the most preferred candidate for the Murang’a County Governorship, though they have shortsighted his presidential bid.

When Rafael Tuju was the MP for Rarieda he went to the history books of Nyanza as one of the best parliamentarians that Rariedans had ever elected. In just five years his development record was speaking for itself. Tables only turned against him when he vied his reelection on a PNU ticket, something unheard of in Nyanza.

Nothing in the world seems to convince even the Rariedans to even vote him in as MP unless he endorses Raila Odinga for the presidency, let alone his attempt to feature in the presidential ballot paper.

The case was the same with former Tetu MP and Noble Peace winner who lost her seat because she couldn't stand the wave of Kibaki's popularity and her continous call against corruption and nepotism in the government.
As I resumed drinking with another sip of my beer I realized that my Luhya friend actually had a point. If either Martha Karua or Peter Kenneth got the endorsement of the Kikuyus and Tuju got the nod of the Luo and the two candidates went for the presidency and running mate together, Kenya would have a better president than the one we are likely to vote in next year.

But Uhuru, with his rising stakes backed by his theory of the Kikuyu martyr being persecuted at The Hague will never let Kenneth or Karua sit on his Agikuyu throne. Neither will Raila abandon his Jakom’s throne to Tuju or any other Luo.

For Uhuru it is all about protecting himself being the custodian to the loot of his dad and company, and other Kikuyu and Kalenjin elite who illegitimately amassed wealth during the Moi regime.

For Raila, relinquishing the Luo chiefdom to another Luo would take from his hands the golden opportunity he has tasted in barely 5 years of handpicking family members and entrenching them into appointive positions including his own sisters brothers and cousins.

Is there something common between Raila and Uhuru? Yes, they are both merchants of impunity. While Uhuru seeks to become the gatekeeper to ensure that only members of the House of Mumbi loot the nation, Raila will leave no stone unturned to see to it that everybody from his lineage is appointed somewhere.

Now we the Kikuyus and Luos can’t endorse the better candidates for the presidential job. So why can’t Raila and Uhuru run together? They would make a winning combination with other likeminded tribal kingpins anyway.

That way they would have their way and we would resume our complaints of ‘Serikali ifanye kitu’ as we await another election to vote in troublemakers again.

The writer studies communication and media at Maseno University

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