Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annan, Bensouda visits show West is meddling in Kenyan internal affairs

Fatou Bensouda
By Mwangi Wilson Murimi
Recent visits to Kenya by the 2008 post-poll chaos chief mediator Kofi Annan, and the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda raise eyebrows. The oddity of some of Annan and Bensouda’s remarks during their visits raise even more eyebrows!
When Annan visited the country early this month he made an outburst that Kenya risked suffering a diplomatic entanglement with the West if either Uhuru or Ruto were elected as president.
This was a statemnet ran against the political freedom of the Kenyan people from whom the legitimate authority of choosing their leaders is derived. It was in fact a flagrant infringement into sovereignty of the country.
While he was justified as the chief mediator in the 2008 post-poll chaos to visit the country and assess the progress of the coalition government, it was competently erroneous for him to flagrantly discredit the candidacy of the two.
Additionally during his visit Annan comment on judiciary, one of the most reformed arms of the coalition government. There has been a general feeling that the comments could have been an inducement for the Kenyan courts to give a verdict that suits the stand of the West on the Uhuru-Ruto candidacy.
The comment must not be taken seriously since the same judiciary has goofed in the recent past in what can be termed as judicial activism by removing the ban on Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) which has been discredited with the recent past by chaos.
There is also a general feeling in part of the country that Chief Justice Willy Mutunga sides with some political class under the reform agenda.
This same feeling, which can’t be set ignored even though it’s a long shot claims Annan on his meeting with Prime Minister Raila Odinga behind closed door meeting talked on issues of the forthcoming elections and not about the coalition government.
Now the recent meeting by ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to visit 2007/08 PEV hotspots and seek cooperation on evidence in Hague cases from the government though good got muddled by her statement like Annan.
In her press statement she spoke of the politicization of the ICC, and exonerated the court from claims of persecuting Kenya or finishing certain tribes.
Bensouda also became a subject in the mouth of Kenyans after her remarks that the ICC would not adjust its calendar to allow the participation of Ruto and Uhuru in the forthcoming elections scheduled for March year didn’t augur well with some Kenyans .
The international community must respect not only the sovereignty of the Kenya but also the right of the Kenyans to exercise their political freedom in choosing leaders.
Although both Annan and Bensouda may be black they work for West backed institutions like UN and ICC who often intervene when West interest are threatened by developing countries.
Like the current escalating cold war between five permanent members of the Security Council on fundamental issues like nuclear arms race, Arab spring, green energy and the rise of China.
China’s economic reputation with bilateral trade with Africa (including Kenya) has irked the West which is sinking in economic crisis which can be used by UN and ICC to meddle with Kenyan elections to bring in West friendly nations.
This is why allegations that the ICC could be used as a tool to settle political scores between Kenya and the West by entrenching a West-Friendly government should not be ignored..
The writer studies communication and media at Maseno University

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