Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mombasa: Tumaini orphanage children to benefit from UK scooter aid

Tumaini Children Home, which is a center for children whose parents have died of aids, is set to benefit from scooters from UK donations.

The move follows a scooter taken to the orphanage based in Mombasa which has some of its orphans suffering from aids, earlier this year by Micro Scooters UK which has seen the company planning to send 60 scooters by end of this year.

“Micro Scooters UK  is planning to ship 60 scooters at the end of the year ensuring each child at the orphanage has their very own to play with and will host Tumaini’s first-ever Christmas Party at which the scooters will be handed over,”  the company said in a statement.

Micro Scooters say they were touched by the children reaction to the scooter and that “the children have few, if any, toys and spend 365 days a year in the same location following the same routine.”

Launched under the Scooter aid initiative, the company seeks to get donations from school going children who have outgrown their scooters and estimates nearly 1 million sold in the country in five years.

“We are encouraging people to send any scooters no longer in use back including a letter to the children at the orphanage adding a personal touch to their donation, we will then safety checked and refurbished before being sent to the Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya,” Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty  said in an online joint press statement.

If the scheme proves a success, Micro Scooters UK will roll it out to children’s homes in other third world countries.

The Tumaini Homes of Hope is a small UK based charity that supports work with orphaned and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV AIDS with seven years of supporting orphanages and providing education and healthcare-based projects in coast province.

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  1. I've seen some parents riding scooters at the park and I'm wondering where the best place to buy and adult kick scooter is. Does anyone here own an adult scooter?

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