Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poem: Pygmalion and Galatea by Marieta Maglas, Romania

Your sight was poignantly penetrating
me within. Your blue eyes were even more
bittersweet in that opaque singleness, our
touch was like a sadness piano song. I did
not know when you really wanted to exist
for yourself while pretending to be existent. I
kissed you and you thought that it was only a
kiss, but I wanted to swallow your silence and
to blow into the air your defense. You were
dying inside of you. You loved me in this
secret room of ours. We could understand our
existence. That room kept us hidden from
the whole world for a second. In our
dream, we became free. We tried to free
our mind and our souls, but our dream couldn't
generate any idea. We made love for no
other reason but to love each other. I
became a milky white ivory Galatea of
yours .You made me your woman for
that sense of belonging. I needed that , I
wanted my own metamorphosis. I became
that Galatea not being able to leave the
love cell. In your absence, I became that
Galatea wallowing in hopelessness,
understanding that the sadness was the
only thing really existent inside. I became
that Galatea wanting to see again your green-blue
loving eyes. You became that Pygmalion of mine,
for without me ....

© Marieta Maglas, Romania
(I got this poem re-living the greek play of sculptor Pygmalion and his life like statue Galatea on my FB timeline this morning from my poet pal and wished to share it with the world. To get more of Marieta Maglas poems click here)

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