Monday, December 19, 2011

Folklore Poem: My Husband, My Cunt (Translated from dholuo)

let me buy myself meat,
the meat I will eat with my husband,
my husband who fucks my cunt,
my cunt which gives birth to my kid,
my kid who suckles my breast,
my breasts which are ‘bra-ed’ by bra!

Original dholuo version:
anyiewna ring’o,
mondo acham gi chuora,
chuora machuona ng’onya,
ng’onya manyuolo go nyathi,
nyathi madhodhona thunda
thunda majuko go ojuku!

(We sung the song repeatedly as children and not even once did we think kids come from supermarket J)

©2011 Manuel Odeny


  1. Are you sure your mother doesn't read your blog,am afraid. Ooh

  2. Dear Babbz,

    This is poetry which passes a single audience as i talk to the world, but i'm sure she doesn't read my blog

  3. Strange, in recent times if we heard singing such we would be thoroughly caned.