Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VP: Part of German aid to ease patrolist-farmers clashes

The VP and German Chancelor Angela Merkel during her one day official visit to Kenya yesterday.
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has said that part of aid promised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel will go along way to ease skirmishes between pastoralists and farmers in Ukambani region.

Ms Merkel on African tour was in a one day visit in Kenya and promised over Ksh 100 million to mitigate against drought and help Somalia Daadab famine refugees.

“The aid will not only help famine victims in the country but also ease clashes between Somalia herders escaping famine and farmers in the Ukambani area” the Vice President said.

Somalia pastoralists escaping drought with their cattle have clashed with farmers over grazing land and water holes raising tension in Ukambani.

 Mr. Kalonzo was speaking in Yattaa constituency where he joined hundred other mourners in the burial of Joseph Kariuki who passed away earlier this month.

“Mr. Kariuki lived in harmony with the community as a teacher in several high schools in the region, a deacon of United Church and a farmer making his death to be untimely demise” Kalonzo said consoling the bereaved family and other constituents.

Mr. Kariuki the principal of NYS Huduma Academy passed away from a heart attack and left behind a widow, four children and two grand children.

Former Gatundu North MP Kariuki Mwiruri and area MP Charles Kilonzo also attended the funeral services.

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