Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poem: Love is Something with Feathers by Manuel Odeny

Copyright: Nancy Lee Moran.
Love nestles tenderly, delicately
in your arms, warmly
tickling emotions with light feathers
love is something with feathers.

You hold love tightly, possessively
suffocating love jealously
it wilts, dies
a lump of meat, ruffled feathers
lifeless in your arms-
arching your heart, soul

You hold love carelessly, loosely
tossing love hurtfully
it breaks loose, fly away
like a bird wild
never to perch, often wry
to get hurt on snares
leaving the heart longing
the loss.

You hold love tenderly, delicately
in your arms, warmly
love grows, blossoms
like petals of rose scented
kissed lightly by mornin’ sun
cooled by dawn dew
nourishing your heart, soul

love is something with feathers
nestling in your arms

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  1. Dear Mr. Odeny, I have read your poem about the fragile nature of love, about the careful tending it needs. I feel glad that my artwork of “Sunshine & Charity” inspired your poem. I also appreciated the poem that you wrote about your father, of your love for him when you were growing up in Mombasa. Kindly yours, Nancy Lee Moran

    Here is a link to the my webpage about the artwork mentioned above: