Friday, June 10, 2011

The VP officially opens Brookside Breeders and Sale show

The VP giving his speech at the show
Animal breeders and scientists need to strive in research to increase of yield and earn the country self sufficiency in food production. This will help the national policy projection in wealth creation.
“Agribusiness can be more profitable with investment in research and development to improve livestock breeds and create wealth to farmers” Kalonzo Musyoka, the Vice President said.
The VP was speaking yesterday during the official opening of the Brookside Livestock Breeders at Jamuhuri Park which started 8th June and is expected to end today.
Started seven years ago by Brookside Dairies partnering with farmers to increase productivity of milk, the show has been successful in offering advice, credit facilities and loan to farmers.
“The number of small scale farmers participating on the show has increased significantly” Mr. Muhoho Kenyatta, Executive Chairman of Brookside Dairies which sponsored the show said.
 “The show has helped take livestock breeding from scientists and the wealthy to farmers” Mr. Kalonzo said thanking Mr. Kenyatta.
He urged entrepreneurs and framers to take interest in research and development to increase the quality of produce and profit.
“I challenge scientists, breeders, industrialists and entrepreneurs to commit time and money to breeding in order to increase quality and their profit” the VP 3,000 guests available.

(Photo: Edward Kiungu Mwendwa- a fellow internee at The VPPS)

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