Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poem: A prelude to our October kiss by Clifton Mwangi Gachagua

The Poet: Clifton mwangi Gachagua
am writing you a verse
something about the evolution of nova
it remind'd me of that october
and that poets are never to be trusted
i have met a new woman
a lady, a widow called Miss Riva
she is a character in a story
but the way we dance
'tis like the evolution of a nova
we should have kissed that october
there is so much life between the lines of a verse
with these verses
i get to kill you and burn you into ashes
i get to meet real poets
wonder at the suicide
in a halvard johnson poem, so etherial
i've kept your ashes in a safe place
tomorrow Miss Riva, in my new verse
i will name you Miriam.
Courtsey and all rights reserved Clifton Mwangi Gachagua
The poet has been published extensively and most notably in StoryMoja and Kwani? Series

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