Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem: Broken Chains by Valentine Apollo Obara

The Poet: Valentine Apollo Obara
All alone in a world so cold,
I feel like a stranger among outer space creatures.

What I think no one cares,
How I feel is all up to me.

I almost do what they do,
In order for me to fit in.

But something always holds me back,
Just before I jump in.

That is when I find myself talking to you.

Though I can’t see your face or even imagine,
Your presence I can always feel.

Whatever I do, wherever whenever,
I always know you are right beside me.

You comfort me whenever I’m down,
When I’m about to fall you’re always there to hold me up.

All what happens,
You show me the reason why.

That’s why I’ll never get tired of talking to you.

Coz you’re the only one who is ever ready,
To hear my cry.

Your light always shines on my path,
Your arms are ever open whenever I run to you.

You are the lord my God, and I’ll never be ashamed.
To lift up your name till the end,

However hard the devil may try, he will never get,
The power to mend these his broken chains.

Courtesy and all rights reserved; Valentine Obara

The poet is published at Poemhunter on and runs a blog PointOn at

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