Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Aftermath: Love was the Sore Loser

So how was your valentine day?

Was the chocolate Belgian? Was the wine French? The flower Oserian? or was the courtesy English? I just wonder if the cocktail was Irish and the dinner was under a chandelier?

In this big event celebrated world wide, love has become the sore loser with high unattainable expectations and business adapt at putting sales at the needle peak.

If the dinner advertisement in press, the flowers doting the streets and the sales offers on the shop is anything to by, then the meaning of love in this special day has weathered faster than the roses the morning after.

To my male readers, was the sex satsifactory after doting the woman? Or was is that after spending in anticipation of a cozy night the woman gave an excuse? If you went to bed an hugged a pillow then was there a meaning of love yeasterday?

To the ladies, after anticipating him to be wild as a stallion, did he just jump on you like a stolen bicycle, or did he, in name of foreplay, just sucked your lipstick dry and tuned your nipples like an FM nob in a cloudy day?

Honestly, the heartbreaks felt in the morning after, the quarrels of diminished expectations and the love-and-lets-show-the-world attitude makes love to become the sore loser as lovers strive after vanities of romance, which is expensive, compared to love which is given all heartedly and freely.

Love unlike romance is not a one day speciale or constricted to a color, dressing code and dinner parties.

The unwanted pregnacies that were patched last night, the number of veneral disease contacted or the wastage of money on vanities sadden if you consider the vanity of love.

That is not to say i didn't enjoy my valentine because i had supper (I don't do dinners) with a lovely lady.

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