Monday, February 14, 2011

Upgrading of Kisumu Airport road should extend to Busia

Section of Kisumu-Busia Highway
The ongoing construction and upgrading of the Kisumu airport into  international status is a welcome especially after the constructors started re-building a section of Kisumu-Busia highway at Otonglo estate, Kisumu.

This construction has caused diversions as earth movers have removed the old tarmac which is a far cry from the occasional patch work on pot holes the government has been doing on this busy highway connecting the country to Uganda.

Government need to reciprocate this gesture not only around the airport but also all the way to Busia to help increase the benefit of the airport not only to Wanainchi but also investors.

This upgraded route will be shorter and cost effective for transporting import and export goods not only in the region but some parts of Uganda.

Published on Business Daily of Friday 11th Feb 2011,  Daily Nation Thur 10th Feb 2011, Standard Fri 11th Feb 2011, The EastAfrican Feb 14-20 2011 and Weekend Star on 12th and 13th Feb 2011 

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