Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marieta Maglas - Kiss My Soul

If that morning would be my ideal incredible realness,
In a forgotten time of the telluric and most desirable land
Your certain love would come to utter my vivid happiness
Kissing closed eyelids, caressing them with your tender hand.

We would wait for the mercy of our dearest Lord Christ Jesus
Who quintessentially has freed us from our sins by his blood
Purifying incessantly our souls by our obedience to the truth
Greeting one another so deeply with the kiss of our love

I would still be sleepy and I would be like a squatting deer,
Twilight unequivocal zone would be in its dim lighting resilience,
Always tossing in between these two worlds of virtual and real
And His love would fulfill fascinatingly our benevolent radiance.

Your soul would penetrate totally my soul with your embrace
The intangible feelings would turn into tangible unequivocal shivers,
The old world changing, to the new world of whispers yielding place
Being enlightened by our eternity that these two worlds dissevers

Waking up with our ideas as enclosed beneath souls entwined,
Metamorphosing both of us, melting our inexpressible sorrow,
We would awake for forgiveness, our glittering souls being absolved,
I would know how deep is your love, I would have hope for tomorrow.

When our shining sunbird into the horizon would fly and disappear
And the sun would rise by reflecting a thousand colors in the water
Pervading a realm of space from our empyrean dreams, drying the tear
Understanding that if you're no longer alive, it does not matter.

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