Monday, February 28, 2011

African Story; Why the hair on hyena’s back is longer.

Long, long time ago when animals still talked like people Simba the lion was very very sick. One early morning while Simba the lion went hunting he stepped on a big big thorn which stuck on his leg.

Simba tried and tried to remove the big big thorn but could not remove it. Sadly and painfully Simba went back to his cage very very hungry and very very sick

Simba could not hunt again for food. Simba was very hungry. Simba grew very very thin and sick.
One day Sungura the hare was being chased by Fisi the hyena. Fisi wanted to eat Sungura for breakfast.
Sungura ran and ran very fast and hid inside Simba’s cave.
Fisi was afraid to follow Sungura because Fisi was afraid of Simba. Fisi went away very hungry. Fisi went to look for rotting meat for breakfast.

Inside the cave Simba caught Sungura the hare. Simba was very hungry and eating Sungura for breakfast could make samba very healthy.

“I am going to cook you for breakfast” Simba told Sungura.

Sungura started trembling because Simba was very very hungry and sick.

“I will remove the big big thorn in your leg. Please. Please Simba don’t eat me for breakfast” Sungura cried.

Simba agreed not to eat Sungura. Sungura then removed the big big thorn from Simba’s leg.

Simba could now walk without the big big thorn in his leg. Samba lived with Sungura in the cave.
Sungura cleaned the cave while samba brought meat to cook.

Fisi on seeing Sungura living with Simba was jealous. Fisi was angry. Fisi knew he could now not eat Sungura for breakfast.

Fisi was afraid of Simba.

Fisi thought and thought how to eat Sungura for breakfast. Fisi went and told Simba that hare knew the medicine to cure Simba’s leg.

The bib big thorn which Sungura removed left a big wound on Simba’s leg.
“Sungura has been hiding the medicine to heal the wound left by the big big thorn” Fisi told Simba.

Simba went back to the cave looking for Sungura.  Simba told Sungura “You know the medicine for the wound caused by the big big thorn, but you did not say” Simba said.

Sungura knew that Fisi was jealous. Sungura thought of a very very clever trick.
Sungura told Simba that the medicine was the skin from Fisi’s back.

“Am small that is why I could not get the medicine which is the skin from Fisi’s back” Sungura told Simba.

Immediately Simba heard this he jumped on Fisi’s back. Fisi cried and cried. Fisi ran ran away but samba caught Fisi.

Simba removed the skin from Fisi’s back.

Sungura took the skin and made a medicine. Sungura placed the skin on Simba’s leg and was cured immediately.

Simba the lion and Sungura the hare lived happily ever after.

Fisi’s ran away crying and bleeding. Fisi was never seen gain. When the skin on the back of Fisi the hyena healed the hair grew longer. The hair grew longer because there was a wound there/

That is why all hyenas in the world have longer hair in their backs,

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