Thursday, January 27, 2011

EAC 2: Succession politics bad for the region

Secretary General Juma Mwapachu

The ongoing succession politics for the next Secretary General of East Africa Community 2 to take over from Juma Mwapachu, a Tanzanian, on April after the end of his term is worrying.

On one side Kenya insists on producing the SG since ambassador Francis Muthaura served for only a year compared to Amanya Mushega and Juma Mwapachu a Ugandan and Tanzanian respectively who served for two years.

Kenyans believe it didn’t have adequate time at the SG to check its interest, this is a bad indicator which caused the collapse at the EAC 1 where only elites benefited from regional co-operations at the expense of wanainchi.

On the other hand Paul Kagame and Pierre Nkurunzinza of Rwanda and Burundi respectively insist their countries should take the post on the rotation of leadership basis which is the norm.  This ‘small countries’ as newcomers site bullying from other members.

The success of EAC 2 should be safeguarded against elitism which caused the collapse of the first regional bloc. The joining of Rwanda and Burundi, with Southern Sudan, DRC and even DRC on the horizon should be a blessing not a battle ground for cheap Kingmaker for head od states.

The EAC Arusha offices Should embark on making common citizens to feel and enjoy the benefits of common market, free flow of labour and capital rather than be bogged down by succession politics by elites on a ego trip.

Published  on Standard on Friday 29th January 2011 and Business Daily on Monday 31st January 2011 

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