Friday, December 3, 2010

Makadara MP Gidion ‘Sonkoh’ Mbuvi Arrest Shame to Kenyan Youths

Makadara MP Gidion 'Sonkoh' Mbuvi
The arrest and detention of Makadara MP Gidion Mbuvi aka Sonkoh in police cells for 6 days in connection to several fraud cases does not only place corrupt politicians in a poor light but also the  plight Kenyan youths in bringing change.

Upon his release after a failure to raise the 1.5M bond in time- and I thought he was a Sonkoh- the MP termed his arrest and detention as a police plot ‘to kill the youth’.

The turning up of hapless youths in attempt to thwart the cause of justice in the court heightens the dearth of youthful change in the country.

The little known Nairobi politician flooring of big wigs politicians in Makadara by election brought him popularity which Kenyan youths hoped could bring change to the political landscape.

Sadly this has not been the case.

The flamboyant MP’s court appearance places him to the rank and file Kenyan politicians’ often endless court cases,   their names in bad light in several reports and shameful embezzlements.

This has cut off Sonkoh from giving any hope for change to the youths who felt the full brunt of Post Election Violence, PEV as used by the old politicians as gloves in shoving their murky deals.

I have tried to see the MP past his flamboyance, blings and cash-money appearance and what comes out is nothing substantial but a shell of a leader lacking any serious ideological principle. What I see is a politician with loads of cash to sway electorates with little delivery hope on promises.

The Makadara legislature should know  that change and true political leadership comes from the leader walking the talk.

Kenyan youths in voting for this self professed youthful leaders and the ‘Sonkohs’ of these country need to check true leadership qualities which marks great youthful leaders like Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Jnr, and younger Fidel Castro amongst others who brought change to their society to be felt globally as young men.

Former University student leaders who fought in streets for second liberation are a good example that he can ape.

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