Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maseno University launches 10 Wi-Fi hotspots

Maseno University VC Prof. Fredrick Onyango and students during the Wi-Fi launch
The Maseno University Vice Chancellor Prof Fredrick Onyango officially launched the 10 Wi-Fi hotspots in the university at the ICT open day on Saturday 6th last month.
The launch offers a new dawn of hope to face lift Maseno to the level of a IT world. The open day which kicked off at 10.00 a.m. Featured exhibitors and the VC farewell party which culminated into free lunch for all students.
The launch saw the Wi-Fi being used from the start of the semester with students browsing with wireless on the Maseno band width.
A total of nine exhibitors graced the function with companies like Compulynx, Equity Bank, Yu, Massatech and Microsoft East Africa gracing the event.
Opera varsity crew led other exhibitors from the university in showcaed the products.
“The introduction of the ICT will give the students an advantage in their students and research” Prof Onyango said during the launch attended by students, head of department and lectures at the graduation square. “Our students sell like hot cakes out there,” adds the proud VC.
The same advice was given by the chief guest at the function Mr. Mark Matunga who is the regional officer for Microsoft in East and southern Africa.
“Maseno university is a regional giant by providing IT , I challenge the students to embrace IT and the Wi-Fi to set the sky as the limit.” Mr. Matunga said advising students to emulate liberty icon Nelson Mandela who did much in a cubicle with little info at the cell in Robben Island.
The Wi-Fi has changed the face of the university with many students opting to use laptops cutting the cyber café off revenue. Most academic work is done online which has boast number of research obline for journals and video.
Speaking with The Informant from the SOMU exhibition stand Mr. Kivunja Mbaka, the student leader observed that the Wi-Fi will aid in online registration to be operational next semester. Students can also check their details online like work study and award s like Rattansi Trust.
“Students are encouraged to constantly check student tab at varsity website for what is on offer.” The chairman said.
Although  operational the 10 hotspots covering about 200 meters radius, they susceptible to interruption with poor connectivity while some areas are not reached. Parts of Equator hostels, Makerere, New Sunrise and Vet Farm are an example.
“The administration promised to increase connectivity points” Mr. Kvunja.
Mr. Felix Kimaru the president of Opera Crew said the connectivity problem is caused by the Wi-fi low band width. He advises the students to get free opera mini sioftware from the group to increase the web standard which always many users.
“Opera allows users to browse from different platforms faster  in best web standards reducing the jam on the network” he advises
The library will harness the Wi-Fi system by availing journals and soft copy books from online for students to have an all round reading.
The varsity band and Equator Fm broadcasting live from the event entertained the students as they took to the exhibition stand before the speech.
There was a light moment when the VC and the guest of honor joined the dance group of Maseno University.
The VC farewell speech which had undertone of humor of his decade at the helm of leadership glued the students before the VC lunch.

Students trooped to the Siriba campus mess for a plate of rice, beef, egg stew and a bottle of soda.
As students jostled for their meal, the social networks like Facebook and Twitter was used to alert the student in their room or in Kisumu.
The RFSL guards helped to man the students with students dipping their hands in the ink to avoid a double take. The plates of unfinished meals lying around attracted mongrels and children from Mabungo and Nyawita who took care of the leftovers.

Co-Authored by Antony Kaguta

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