Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Bata Sales lie

The current offer by Bata shoe chains for a 30% off discount on sales of it shoes in not effected in some chains. An advert recently appeared on the press prolonging the promotion to 10th this month.
As school going kid growing up, the Bata brand was the favorite brand building loyalty for their long lasting shoes, but sadly some depots want to erode this loyalty.
I realized the hitch when I went to buy Sandak sandals in the outlets in Kisumu city. The two chains I visited in the Oginga Odinga street dint comply with the offer. The sandals were varied with on costing Ksh. 189 and the other Ksh. 199; there wasn’t any 30% offer. I left wondering if it was on selected brands. Should the shoes have the same price countrywide?
Not only have I experienced this in Kisumu but also in Mombasa where discount in price advertised nationally are not affected. I always know because my favorite brand, Safari boots always has the constant price.
The Bata Company should be rigorous in checking the discount offers are enforced with price tags clearly showing the cut in price instead of banners advertising a mirage to customers.
This independence business people hungry for profit are doing the Bata brand injustice by driving loyal customers away.

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