Friday, October 29, 2010

The UN report on Darfur place China-Africa relation on spot

A banner demonstrating against China and Sudan partnership
 The recent UN report implicating China involvement in Darfur crisis afainst the Security Council regulation on arms importation is placing the Chinese relations with Africa on a spot light. The report indicates that Chinese made firearms are used by the government on rebels and UN peacekeepers in the volatile area.
The Darfur crisis is threatening the region with over 300,000 people dead and 2.7 million others displaced. The effect has been felt in neighboring countries like Chad, Uganda DRC and Central Africa Republic.
Even though Russia and Belarus have also been named in the report, china stands out like a sore thumb leaving a poor taste in the mouth.
When the West deserted the Khartoum government, china started exploration of petroleum in Sudan for the much needed foreign exchange.  This has been Beijing business token without strings attached which is applied in Zimbabwe.
Although China claims to aid Africa without strings attached on conditionality, their presence in the continent is proving exploitative as the western aids which only cripple Africa further with debts.
 This report shows it it’s a high time Africa starts embracing local business investment away from foreigners double speak. The only way to spur economic growth In the continent is by governments encouraging home grown business enterprises.
The contracts from Beijing always insist on bringing labor from China which doesn’t only increase employment, but also a direct profit repatriation from the Africa. 
The UN peace keeping force in Sudan which has been
 attacked by Chinese made arms
This increased Chinese labor force and populace has forced China to get involved in local politics in the schism of distributing the continent’s scarce resources like employment. This effect have been notable in demonstrations and clashes on construction Chinese sites across the continent. Like the Zambian copper mines where a Chinese contractor shot into demonstrating Africans over poor pay, 13 citizens were injured.

Published on the Tuesday 2nd nov 2010 issue of The Business Daily syndicated online at: Newsflavor

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