Friday, October 8, 2010

Let boda boda be, with regulation though

Although the number of road accidents caused by boda boda (motorbikes) is on the increase, I would like to congratulate what this noble trade has done to many Kenyan youths!
The notion on riders being poorly trained with as low as Ksh. 50 within a hour should not be viewed as a catastrophe but the breakdown of the ministry of Transport to adequately plan for the increase of the bikes in the country.
The 2002 Narc government promise of 500,000 jobs and the Kazi kwa Vijana initiative which flopped terribly makes one wonder what the operators were doing prior to their current trade.
Personally I know of age mates who quit being criminals to seek livelihood in riding and leasing motorbikes. They have easily replace bicycles for their speed and efficiency. Additionally, the bikes require little capital to start threatening matatus and taxi business since they are available to common mwanainchi.
The boda boda business is quickly becoming a major economic player in attaining Millennium Development goals and need to be regulated regularly. Not only is the rider and owner directly employed but other indirectly benefiting in this ring are spare parts dealer, insurance brokers, local government, filling station amongst others.
Worth to mention is that even though they are a menace the frequent police crack downs need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Their frequent and hyped crack down on matatus has yielded nothing with even Michuki rules violated in all road blocks. This leave no doubt that bikes languishing in police stations are because their owners could not afford a bribe!
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