Friday, October 29, 2010

Corruption, Tribalism may Cripple Benefits of New Counties in Kenya

President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga signing the new
constitution to law
Ever since the quest of establishing the Kenyan new constitution started over 2 decades ago, the new counties have been heavily debated. In the run up for last referendum the issue played a center stage in the campaign showing how the subject is dear to Kenyans.
The appeal was bringing governance closer to the citizens with devolved funds from Nairobi for development. Additionally, the provincial administration used by the colonialist and successive government to oppose the citizens is annulled.
With this appeal will the 47 counties in the county have their full potential or like the devolved funds like CDF and LATF be marred with corruption and tribalism?
In colleges the fad is high with the administration requesting county details to districts. Student organizations with tribal living have shifted from constituency to county associations!
Corruption and tribalism need to be rooted out least they permeate to the 47 counties in the country. Imagine having monor scandals, political shoody deals and leaders shouting their selves hoarse in 47 counties of Kenya!
The tip of the iceberg is already showing with opportunistic politicians not only jostling for positions but also the county headquarters with ethnic underlying. This is worrying if you consider the turmoil in Somali although they have one tribe and one religion. Often in Kenya, the tribalism, clanism and family card will be played.
Additionally, the grandiose plans already being unleashed by economically endowed counties against laggards may cause contention in future. With these counties taking more tax to the central government the question raised on equitable distribution of the 15% on GDO.
Finally, the issue of counties frantically determined how Kenyans voted in the referendum thus it need to be guided gainst tribalism, corruption and patronage for success.

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