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The UN report on Darfur place China-Africa relation on spot

A banner demonstrating against China and Sudan partnership
 The recent UN report implicating China involvement in Darfur crisis afainst the Security Council regulation on arms importation is placing the Chinese relations with Africa on a spot light. The report indicates that Chinese made firearms are used by the government on rebels and UN peacekeepers in the volatile area.
The Darfur crisis is threatening the region with over 300,000 people dead and 2.7 million others displaced. The effect has been felt in neighboring countries like Chad, Uganda DRC and Central Africa Republic.
Even though Russia and Belarus have also been named in the report, china stands out like a sore thumb leaving a poor taste in the mouth.
When the West deserted the Khartoum government, china started exploration of petroleum in Sudan for the much needed foreign exchange.  This has been Beijing business token without strings attached which is applied in Zimbabwe.
Although China claims to aid Africa without strings attached on conditionality, their presence in the continent is proving exploitative as the western aids which only cripple Africa further with debts.
 This report shows it it’s a high time Africa starts embracing local business investment away from foreigners double speak. The only way to spur economic growth In the continent is by governments encouraging home grown business enterprises.
The contracts from Beijing always insist on bringing labor from China which doesn’t only increase employment, but also a direct profit repatriation from the Africa. 
The UN peace keeping force in Sudan which has been
 attacked by Chinese made arms
This increased Chinese labor force and populace has forced China to get involved in local politics in the schism of distributing the continent’s scarce resources like employment. This effect have been notable in demonstrations and clashes on construction Chinese sites across the continent. Like the Zambian copper mines where a Chinese contractor shot into demonstrating Africans over poor pay, 13 citizens were injured.

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Corruption, Tribalism may Cripple Benefits of New Counties in Kenya

President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga signing the new
constitution to law
Ever since the quest of establishing the Kenyan new constitution started over 2 decades ago, the new counties have been heavily debated. In the run up for last referendum the issue played a center stage in the campaign showing how the subject is dear to Kenyans.
The appeal was bringing governance closer to the citizens with devolved funds from Nairobi for development. Additionally, the provincial administration used by the colonialist and successive government to oppose the citizens is annulled.
With this appeal will the 47 counties in the county have their full potential or like the devolved funds like CDF and LATF be marred with corruption and tribalism?
In colleges the fad is high with the administration requesting county details to districts. Student organizations with tribal living have shifted from constituency to county associations!
Corruption and tribalism need to be rooted out least they permeate to the 47 counties in the country. Imagine having monor scandals, political shoody deals and leaders shouting their selves hoarse in 47 counties of Kenya!
The tip of the iceberg is already showing with opportunistic politicians not only jostling for positions but also the county headquarters with ethnic underlying. This is worrying if you consider the turmoil in Somali although they have one tribe and one religion. Often in Kenya, the tribalism, clanism and family card will be played.
Additionally, the grandiose plans already being unleashed by economically endowed counties against laggards may cause contention in future. With these counties taking more tax to the central government the question raised on equitable distribution of the 15% on GDO.
Finally, the issue of counties frantically determined how Kenyans voted in the referendum thus it need to be guided gainst tribalism, corruption and patronage for success.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Search the Internet for Scholarship and Grants.

With the power to connect to the world at a mouse click away, internet has become a bastion of information.

With advancement in internet technology like the use of fiber optics, students, scholars or workers who need to further their studies and research should turn online for scholarships and grants.

With the right steps students and scholars can stay updated with awards in their field of study and minimize wasting time in surfing through the net by following these tips:

Write down your Curriculum Vitae (C.V); all scholarship and grants always call the applicant to submit their detailed resume showing their interests, strength and weaknesses.  The organizations offering the scholarship need your CV to have your details in a nutshell.

Having a good CV before hand and tailored to the specific qualifications will avoid it being trashed away and give you a guideline to what you are looking for.

Scholarship and grant from colleges; this is often overlooked by most students already in the college or yet to join. The internet has replaced notice boards announcements to posting awards on the department’s portal of the college websites.

Apart from being secure, their is an upper hand to follow up results and further questions at the department.

Checking relevant websites; With several thousand scholarship announcements online, the best way to stay abreast is by joining the mailing list and visiting purely scholarship sites like Scholarship Positions and Scholarship World.

These sites offer a forum for organizations and foundations like UN, Bill Gates, and Erasmus Mundu amongst others to advertise their award with direct links. Students easily search these engines by either their region or field of study.

Double check the source; the internet gospel preaches that fraudsters follow where people go. Prospecting students and scholars need to double check the funding offer from the official website and even call if need be.

Often mails requesting payments for information, your passwords and secret account details need to be avoided. Most scholarship and grant foundations pay for their own processing funds and don’t require students to pay a fee for consideration.

Apply to many foundations; awarding scholarship is always competitive, like job hunting students and scholars should not be satisfied by only one prospect.

Many applications increase your chance of success and ensure that your academic and research finances are easily met.

Testimonials; interacting with beneficiaries of scholarships and grants will help one gain insight on ways of easily getting awards and avoiding pitfalls and delays. Worth to note is that testimonials always authenticate the organization foundation credibility.

Dr. Ben Carson is Giving his Best and Thinking Big

Title: Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence
Author: Ben Carson with Cecil Murphey
Publisher: International Bible Society East Africa; 1992
Genre: Non-fiction (Self Help)
Pages: 278

A black boy growing up in a Detroit ghetto, in a single parent family is constantly taunted as the dumbest kid in his fifth grade class. With this constant admonition he comfortably resorts to his ‘fate’ at the unchallenged position in the bottom of the class. That is till his mother, Sonya Carson spikes the boy, Ben Carson to a path of success.
This is probably the story in Dr. Ben Carson’s with Cecil Murphey in the first book Gifted Hands which was produced on the screen in the movie by the same title starring Cuba Gooding, Jnr (Reviewed in this blog post)

Dr. Carson’s story of having a positive mindset in doing his best while attaining life goals sees him become a prolific neurosurgeon who separated Siemens twins successfully and the head of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins hospital. By the time of publishing this book Dr. Carson had 6 honorary degrees.

It’s these achievements that make Dr. Carson to share his experiences in this title which lists mentors and people who helped him in his success by giving their best on what they do with honesty. Although known globally he poses to shed light on medical mentors not known.

In his success guideline he uses an acrostic for THINK BIG;

T-Talent/Time: Recognize them as gifts and use them appropriately by choosing a field that will utilize them to make it easy for you to climb to the top of your field. The notion of having talents in only performance professions like basket ball, singing and modeling is challenged with  innate and often overlooked ones like mathematics, reading books, copy editing or orating

H- Hope for good things even in bad situations instead of lashing out at the system. And honesty shows in our goals to be achievers.

I- Have an insight from people and good books which aid in observation and reflection on our commitment to give our best. Insight help us pick the best from achievers, avoid their pitfalls and making right decisions in attaining goals.

N- Be nice to all people by treating someone the same way you would like to be treated back. Nice people will always finish because how you treat others affect how others will treat you.

K- Knowledge is the key of life and it counts. When you are knowledgeable and are black, pink, and green with yellow polka dots and live in a slum, it will make a different not only in your life but also to the world.

B- books, read them actively because “everyman who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting” Aldous Huxley.

And it goes without saying that extensive reading of good books in your profession is proportional to academic and professional ascend.

I- In-depth learning, by reading and acquiring information in our field increase our intelligence by inspiring us to acquire necessarily skills to be the best in what we do. In depth learning involves learning everything there is to know in a field to put us ahead in the profession.

G- This is a caution; God at work. In life never grow to big for God for we need to acknowledge him and he will help us.

Dr. Carson’s formula of putting God first, reading books for knowledge and insight with honesty reminds me of a story of a 21 years old man. In 1946 during the nadir of black segregation this 8th grade drop out was sentenced to 10 years in armed robbery and cohabiting with a white woman.

With a red hair and battling with mercurial temperament due to withdrawal of drug abuse, his cellmates nicknamed him ‘Satan.’ That is until he found solace in the prison library and copied out the entire dictionary. Six years later the prisoner was released to be a great orator and an icon of black liberation worldwide.

This Ghetto urchin was called Malcolm Little who late became El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabaaz. The world knows him as Malcolm X!
Dr. Carson’s book unlike other ‘self-confessed-self-help-books’ gives the life of a ghetto boy raised by a single mother to became a world renowned figure. The truth in Carson’s life which in an interview with Ebony he called ‘an open book’ entails the readers to reflect in his/her own life.

Although Detroit where Carson grew up is a million and one mile from Kenya, when my elder brother told me of his first book Gifted Hands while in primary, I remember reading the book deep into the night. I easily identified with his hurdles and it inspired me greatly.

Now with my own copy of Think Big: Unleashing your Potential for Excellence in my private library, I constantly turn to it for guidance.

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This is How to Write a Swahili Short Story

Title: Mimba Ingali Mimba na Hadithi Nyingine
Author: Owen MCOnyango (Ed)
Publisher: Focus publishers Ltd, 2006
Genre: Fiction (Literature)
Pages: 180

The art of writing short stories as opposed to novellas started in the western literary scene a century and a half ago by 1842. Edger Allan Poe, the fabled American poet-writer gave birth to the art of short story.

On the other hand, although the Swahili literature was brought to the East African coast by Arab traders and Portuguese, it only took root in the region by 1950.

Worth of note is that though Swahili folklore is short it doesn’t qualify as a short story.  A short story entails modernity in a stylistic short form articulating one incident without going over board to be a novella; a short novel.

In this collection of Swahili short stories, Mimba Ingali Mimba na Hadithi Nyingine by Owen MCOnyango is a new genre in East Africa. Owen is the Maseno University public relations officer, a Kiswahili lecturer and a prolific mshairi (Swahili for poet)

My attempts to corner Owen for an interview hit a snug, but that isn’t here or there for this couldn’t stop me from picking it for review from the varsity’s library shelf.

Interestingly, though the English literature has had short stories set books, Kiswahili’s are new in the syllabus. Though written in modern style, Swahili short stories as opposed to folklore will increase the reading culture although literature principles will be shaken.

The Kiswahili wakereketwa (self proclaimed Swahili connoisseurs) invading radio air waves with cheap talk to decry the poor state of Swahili language (like I using English here) should see the potential of short modern stories.

A studious collection;
This modernity theme is brought by the title and story Mimba ingali mimba by Leonard Sanja. A pregnant woman, Nekesa, has an overdue labor with experts, bureaucrats, doctors and intellectuals debating on the delivery date. The baby symbolizes the Kenyan new constitution over two decade search. On the cover Nekesa stands with the Kenyan parliament at the background as three people yap away.

Herein the eleven hadithi (stories) with the editor’s two is core to Swahili short story with the modern genre in language, prose and themes that mirror today’s society.

Seif Karenga’s Bimdogo Selina written in free flowing prose captures the life of an orphan in an intricate of drug peddling while John Habwe’s Kasheshe Jijini invokes the pain of August 1998 terrorist bombing from the eye view of a young man who escaped death narrowly.

The funny side of Nairobi’s  hustle and bustle are easily and lightly written by Muga Onyango in Mimi Sijui has he wonder how people make ends meet from the circus, a hapless drunkard and mama mbogas (market women).

Family life as shattered by AIDS menace, immorality, bareness and dearth of love is crafted in Siri ya Mama, Uchachu huja baadaye and Sitaki by Riyya Timammy, Ernest Muhochi and Frank Mabuba.

Rehema the character in Siri ya Mama knows the truth about his barren husband, but in his stubbornness watches as her co-wives fleece him. Maronya in Uchachu huja baadaye realizes he is infected by HIV/AIDS in marriage after a loose life in campus while Sitaki in poetic style and flashback hold the reader in plight of Nyamweko in the hands of a player in a thought provoking way.

The magnet of the book though is the translation by the editor on Grace Ogot’s New York from English to Mji wa New York! The story bridges Africans living in Diaspora to their motherland. A delinquent finds salvation after mugging an African UN ambassador leading to repatriation to Africa.

This story will put a stop to the gibber ‘Kiswahili is better than English’ especially by ‘waswahili’ who love to hear themselves talk.

Owen MCOnyango’s  Waliohujumu Ujamaa and Mganga wa Tanga are a specialty showing the author’s knack with the pen. The former gives a dark humor to a family ignorance on their son’s typhoid and hope in witch doctors antics leading tom his death.

The latter written like George Orwell’s Animal Farm have animal characters depicting the fall and beneficiaries of Ujamaa system who were the elitist paying lip service to Ujamaa while were capitalist to the core.

It’s just unfortunate I didn’t interview Owen MCOnyango and pick his mind on Kiswahili as a language and why Kenyans are chastised for communicating and not speaking in Swahili.
And the Tanzanian connection in his stories, but that is for another blog post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Facts you need to know before getting a student loan

Students mostly from middle and lower economic class always need financial aid to realize their dream of a college degree or diploma.

Most often he hard reality is that bursaries, grants and scholarships are always given in competitive terms locking out most potential candidates.
Although other financial option like personal saving is open, a student loan offer help and peace of mind for a candidate to enroll in college without shifting the life style especially when married or with a family.

When the student is already repaying a loan, benefiting from one or in a process to acquire the money, the following facts will greatly aid in giving you the right decision to the right direction;

a) Your credit worthiness; unlike in scholarship or grant, loans areas not a charity but profiteering ventures. Though the adverts will entice you with ‘financing your education’ slogan, the bank or the organization will have to check your credit worthiness, which is the ability to repay the loan.

On the forms filled before hand you will need to give your assets, liabilities, earning, any business ventures, and source of income and general expenditures. Your credit repayment history in other financial institutions will also be verified; additionally some institutions will go further to testing ones health.

A would be beneficiary need to know how strong his credit worthiness to increase the chance of getting a loan.

b) The financial institution; This aspect though overlooked re-assures the student the safety of his education with minimal, if any, chances of deferring and complete termination.

The financial institution through stock exchange and media coverage has to be checked for market strength against other offers and any history of failure in loan sharking like ‘Ponzi schemes’

Education is so essential for one to gamble with conmen and loan sharks, a student need to be courteous of un trusted sources especially online.

c) Knowledge of loan details; A student need to be keen on the interest rate offered, the actual amount awarded and whether the money will cover tuition or upkeep and to be deposited either in college account or directly in your account.

Will the loan cover all your academic years? What about in case of deffering your studies? How will the guarantors be affected incase you are unable to pay? Will it cover the cost of your internship?

This question will reduce anxiety during study and make the student detailed on course of study.

d) Future earning potential; This directly affect the rate you will repay the loan to avoid interest accumulation. The easiest ways is by checking the current professional in your job category and add to your investments.

Most often if employed, especially by the government you will have a standing order to repay the loan. But it’s better to pay personally or add on standing order when your earning is higher.

e) Marital status; Although married couple are more credit worthy with double earning power in salary, they can also mean more loan to pay especially when both partners are beneficiaries.

If your spouse acquires the loan before marriage, would you be willing to shoulder the repayment? How will your spouse react to reduced spending on loan repayment?

This queries need to be addressed by married couples to help in harmony for a student.

f) Testimonial; the road of financing education by loan is a well beaten path and students need to consult beneficiaries, lecturer, tutors and financial institution personnel for insight.

This avoids falling in loop holes, cut cost in getting the best loan’s and how to repay.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Let boda boda be, with regulation though

Although the number of road accidents caused by boda boda (motorbikes) is on the increase, I would like to congratulate what this noble trade has done to many Kenyan youths!
The notion on riders being poorly trained with as low as Ksh. 50 within a hour should not be viewed as a catastrophe but the breakdown of the ministry of Transport to adequately plan for the increase of the bikes in the country.
The 2002 Narc government promise of 500,000 jobs and the Kazi kwa Vijana initiative which flopped terribly makes one wonder what the operators were doing prior to their current trade.
Personally I know of age mates who quit being criminals to seek livelihood in riding and leasing motorbikes. They have easily replace bicycles for their speed and efficiency. Additionally, the bikes require little capital to start threatening matatus and taxi business since they are available to common mwanainchi.
The boda boda business is quickly becoming a major economic player in attaining Millennium Development goals and need to be regulated regularly. Not only is the rider and owner directly employed but other indirectly benefiting in this ring are spare parts dealer, insurance brokers, local government, filling station amongst others.
Worth to mention is that even though they are a menace the frequent police crack downs need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Their frequent and hyped crack down on matatus has yielded nothing with even Michuki rules violated in all road blocks. This leave no doubt that bikes languishing in police stations are because their owners could not afford a bribe!
Maseno University

Friday, October 1, 2010

How to have a peaceful retirement..

The success of retirement in transition with work and recreation needs serious consideration for it affects a retirees life directly
 Work, recreation and retirement always go together like hand to a glove. When work is boring, recreation brings refreshment which makes retirement enjoyable.

This negativity of work must have originated with the fall of man in the garden of Aden. Adam and Eve were condemned to toil and suffer in order to eat. But this should not be the case since even in school there is transition between work and recreation.

The success of retirement in transition with work and recreation needs serious consideration for it affects a retirees life directly. Because retirement means loss of some regular income, current residence and acquaintances. Recreation needs to ease the absence of friendships of workmates.

To avoid retirement disruption researchers advice the retiree to analyse the following aspects of their life:

Work Assessment, At retirement challenges of meeting job demands is brought by reduced physical stamina, visual impaired and even dementia. So how well is a would be retire fitting in his current job? Some jobs require one shills even in old age but when this skills are limited due to old age then one should voluntarily opt for retirement.

Choice, Making the choice of working or retirement is hard. Often the worker don’t understand retirement in the light of opportunities beyond the work setting. This misconception according to researchers is overcome by choices inspired by retirees, especially friends, for possible emotional support.

Finances, How will retirement affect your finances? After competitive employement the reduced take-home salary affects the ability of retiree to live independently. This income change drastically affects individual's lifestyle which may lead to medical disorders like depression. This has caused many retirees to their deathbeds within a very short time.

Social Relationship, Will retirement affect the retirees social support network? In Kenya most retiree prefer rural areas in search for seek, here one may join church or school boards this ease boredom by increasing physical activity.
This social support reduces stress, decrease physical problems and enhanced mental health by giving life quality.

Leisure and Recreation Activities, With more free time a retiree could pursue activities that were constraint with time. The easy step is developing leisure one like in line with talent. Consider learning to play a music instrument, joining the local church choir or even volunteering.

Lastly, with light of above the decision to continue to work should not be hindered by retirement. Physical leisure activity may increase during retirement because retirees are more likely to increase their societal participation by becoming useful members to their societies. Remember the worst enemy for retirement is the surrender of hope!

How my Hawking Stint in Kibera slum ended.

The houses bowed together ominously as if conniving in a secret deal. The little lane between them was littered with garbage.....

During the just concluded long holidays I tried to venture into small scale business to supplement my college pocket money. My bid to gain white collar employment hit a snug. Being idle at home I thought of hawking household items around estates in Nairobi.

With little savings, I rented an improvised cart attached cart attached with wire mesh. Most goods were displayed on the mesh as I moved from door to door selling my wares. Mostly I was accompanied by my two best friends Ken Korir and Joseph Wachira.

My stint with hawking though ended prematurely a month ago when I met conmen.

As I recollect, raising early and leaving my friends behind was my first mistake as there was no one to offer security. It was a beautiful Saturday as the freshness of the dawn replaced the stale night in Kosovo area of the sprawling Kibera region.

As the morn bustle and chatter chased the clinging night I arranged my wares in anticipation of a great sale. After few sales I ventured into a lonely stretch n the estate.

The houses bowed together ominously as if conniving in a secret deal. The little lane between them was littered with garbage. Ducks and pigs had a free rein in rummaging through the open sewers. I rang my bicycle bell and called out my wares.

“Thermos! Aiyaah! sufuria! Pegs! Thermos!” Cling. Cling “Sema bei kuuliza ni bure” (It’s free to ask the price, just talk)

My calls attracted a group of youths playing a game of draught and idling next to a forlorn looking scrap of a Peugeot station wagon. One, the oldest with a grizzly beard like a coconut husk called on me.

“niaje boyee (hi buddy) what do you sell?” he asked in a creaky jovial voice.

“I have the best thermos, sufuria set, spoons, knife……” I offered and realized that the all crew was attentive.

“Mama Ciku needed a thermo flask” offered a youth.

From inside a nearby dark hovel Mama Ciku confirmed the request and asked for a 1.8 liter flask.

A small boy was sent to take the flask and he dashed away into the dark house.
I murmured a silent prayer as my heart pounded with expectations.

The business spirit with a knack of a salesman bit and I quickly offered four sets of sufuria. After haggling with the youth with the grizzly beard, we settled on a price of Ksh. 850 in Mama Ciku was to take the thermos.

“I know she will love the offer, the flak was beautiful” Sid the ring leader as I parted way with the sufurias, another boy dashed in the dark house, with the sufurias in tow.

I murmured a silent prayer, again.

After ten minutes I started to get restless since the boys hadn’t come out. I pleasantly told the spokesman to tell Mama Ciku, the voice, to pay me for I need to go. I was assured of the pay and told to be patient.

Fifteen minutes later I got anxious as ideas of being conned played in my mind. I rubbed the thought off because of the good nurture of my customer.

Meanwhile the erstwhile attentive troupe ignored me and continued playing draught indifferently. I observed I could better have been Skinner, the invincible man. By now, a little alarmed I insisted on the pay.

Smiling sarcastically the coconut husk face said “I will go check on what is delaying your pay, just relax I will be back.”

To be sincere he left the draught game halfway and went in the shack. It was the last time I saw a beard which looked like it has been shaved by shears.

Now I became panicked and alarmed, I told the rest that I wanted my pay. When I got adamant about getting my business money back they resorted to ignoring me completely.

“unabore kizee, jipange ndani umsake huyo boi ukamdai, na upunguza pang’ang’a (You are a vexation, go in after the boy and stop being a nuisance)” someone told me irritably in sheng.

It was then that it dawn on me that have been conned plain and simple. I was fixed before a charging train on a bridge over cliff. Going after my pay, I had the risk of I being mugged and I would surely kiss my unattended ware goodbye.

Sweat trickled on my back and the shirt stuck on me like a second skin. I felt a jab and choked in emotions of hopelessness. As I turned away dejected the motley crew burst out in a mirthless laughter.

“Anytime you’re welcomed back and thanks a lot.” Someone called amid the din. I didn’t acknowledge it. I walked away pretending not to hear.

*Sufuria- Swahili for cooking pan

Somalia Pm Resigns, Presidents’ pleas to UN: The World needs to Act

Al Shabaab fighters in Somalia, they are a security risk to the Horn of Africa
 Somalia president Sheikh Sharif Ahmed plea for more international support to help root out insurgents in his country clearly shows fears of radical islamists not only in Somalia but also globally. Speaking at the 65th UN council meeting in New York observed the threat in the region which also forced local leaders like Kenyan Mwai Kibaki to request more troops.
Mr. Sharif who took office on January last year is yet to establish a stable Government that would bring opposition groups on board. In a bad twist of events the Prime Minister Sharmarke had to resign following a controversy with the president over the new constitution.
Mr. Sharmarke whose father was killed in 1960 coup of Said Barre, worked with the UN in DRC making his resignation a big blow which automatically rescind the all cabinet.
This contention can make the government whose mandate ends next year to have nothing to show of if the constitution stalls
The world need to watch and come to Somalia aid to bring order since the problem of Somalia is three fold, and doesn’t only affect Somalia but also the horn of Africa and the world at large.
First, the influx of foreign mujahedeen in Somalia affiliated to worldwide terrorist network Al Qaeda has most causality in innocent citizens.
Since the fall of central governance in early ’90 the number of Somalis living in asylum is high, the ones remaining feel the full brunt of the conflict either in conflict zones or refugee camps.
Secondly, Somalia is a neighbor whose problems have uncanny ability of spilling over the border. The lawlessness offers a putrid ground for islamists to strike neighbors.
 “Today, as this assembly convenes, the security situation in Somalia continue to deteriorate and threaten peace and stability across the entire region” Kibaki observed in the UN summit.
The 11th July bombing in Kampala which claimed 70 lives was orchestrated by the Al shabaab militants moving easily through Kenya.  Additionally, the 1998 Nairobi and Dar es Salaam bombing masterminds find a safe haven in Somalia.
Lastly, the world navies are trying to curb the piracy menace at the Gulf of Aden, this week a Greek operated ship with 12 Ukrainian crew was hijacked off the waters sailing to Mauritius. Sadly the world super powers presence seem not to deter the pirates on this important water way. Last year 197 incidents were reported on the waters.
The foreign fighter training in Somalia acquire the guerilla tactics and al Qaeda network which will eventually culminate to terrorism in their countries, that is if you consider Somalis living in diaspora heading back home to fight.
This is why when PM Sharmarke resigns and regional leaders in the region cry of Somalia crisis as an agenda in Kampala’s AU summit and New York 65th UN council, I have to be worried as an EASt African.