Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sheath away your pride.

Ever since it was discovered by Egyptian autocrats from animal intestine as a protection against pregnancy, condom has evolved to be a major ingredient in sex.

This latex sheath has taken enjoyment to the next level in preventing STI and pregnancy. Though small enough to fit in a palm, if not disposed off properly after use it can show how the edifice of human intellectualism can be reduced below the shoe soles.

I realized this last week when my next door neighbor in hangover induced wisdom choose to dump three use Condoms infront of our house. In the morning rush I never noticed the sheaths and their seedy contents.

Imagine the dating process; endless calls, seduction and dates reduced into table spoonful of semen. How disgusting. And that was the look I got when I went back in afternoon; disgust. The playing children, house wives and other neighbors felt offended at the sight of the sheath in afternoon sun.

Sex is a clandestine process for the outcome to be seen by all and sundry. We date in lonely and bushy roads. Romantic dates are emotionally charged at night for ‘the darkness helps the hyena”.

The hush-hush of love making force us to close the front door, the bedroom door and still not satisfied we cover ourselves with a blanket.

And when a man starts requesting meeting in sequestered places away from people then a lady knows that the time is nigh for taking a relationship to the next level. This painstaking process sucks when seen in poorly disposed condoms!

Even buying a condom is a nerve wrecking process. Smart chemists display brands behind the counter where you merely point and pay before sliding away to brittle ecstasy.

In supermarkets, condoms and other accessories like lipstick are placed near the counter and wrapped separately.

This avoids an overzealous kid to imagine what happens behind mum and dad closed bedroom.

All said, sex is a private matter therefore used condoms need to be wrapped and disposed in pit latrines to avoid eye sores to the public and stop poising little children minds.

If its hard to explain the use of condom to a child, how tough do you think it can in explaining about a used condom!

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