Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Migori Bus Park Standard low

Migori Town, the highway to Tanzania
Although it took around a decade to complete the new Migori municipal bus park, which was opened recently, it still doesn't fit the standard of a major transit stage to Tanzania.

It is sad that after intercine squabbles at the council the park was opened without quality benches, poor drainage blocked by traders' stalls making it a disater in rainy sessions.

The few stalls on the park are yet to be utilized since the windoes lack panes. Additionally there is no electricity making the park unsafe for night travellers especially ones bound to Nairobi.

I call on the town mayor Goerge Ombori and area police boss Eric Mugambi to help relocate Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) still operating on Sirare-Migori road which increases traffic and makes Migori, a one-highway-rural town to have occasional traffic snarl ups.

This has made walking in the town to be hectic as one has to be deft at avoiding touts, motorbikes, vendors and pick pockets.

Published on Daily Nation and Friday 16th July 2010 issue of  Standard's PointBlank

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