Friday, April 16, 2010

Voluntary Male Circumcision in Nyanza a success

A volunteer undergoing the cut

The WHO and government’s call for elders from communities that don’t perform male circumcision to help curb the HIV/AIDS in the country is a move in the direction.

Gains made by medical voluntary male circumcision in Nyanza province to be replicated in major urban areas and other communities like Turkana and Teso who don’t culturally cut their males will help prevent spread of the deadly virus country wide.

The cut help reduce infection rate by about 60%, although being circumcised is not a panacea to fight HIV/AIDS this little effort always go along way to having an AIDS free Africa.

The Nyanza program was a success as other African countries like Swaziland are visiting Kenya to pilot studies to help them back home.

Published on Monday, April 12 2010 by The Star/Kenya

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