Friday, April 16, 2010

Nurturing money smart kids is essential.

Timely article on kids and money
 Helping kids to become money smart by Millicent Mwololo (Living, March 17) was an insightful piece on this often forgotten subject. Most children grow up knowing that having money is 'Sinful" because they are questioned or punished for having it. And they are seen as spoilt if they ask for it.
As children grow, their first source of money is their parents, so the way parents handle this important item affects children negatively or positively. On shopping trips, children learn that money can be exchanged for goods, so parents should use this to make children responsible.
I believe money-smart kids can be easily be nurtured at home by parents who can't afford services offered by outfits like Nurture Smart. Nurturing children into responsible adults is a challenge to all parents.

Published on Weekend Magazine.

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