Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Floods? Harvest Rain Water to Attain Vision 2030

The current downpour pounding the country and the devastating floods ensueing which have displaced and killed Kenyans shows we are still not equipped for vision 2030 and Millennium Development Goals.

Although some months ago the drought caused loss of lives and livestock coming of rains has not brought before as Kenyans are still being displaced, killed, their livestock, property and infrastructure going to waste in raging waters.

In urban areas the government need to urgently construct proper drainage systems as stagnating water is a hazard to water borne disease like cholera and typhoid which is risky.

Quite disturbing is that as other areas are prone to floods, some other places are in acute shortage of water. The water stagnates in town estates as residents are still having dry taps and pay for inconsistent and low quality water from vendors.

For rural populace the abundant agricultural produce enjoyed by the rains can’t reach the market as infrastructure like roads and bridges leading to the market.

To reach the MDGs and vision 2030 government should take measure of collecting the water going to waste for future use.

Published on Sunday, April 11, 2010 by The Star/Kenya

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