Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robert John Burke, Lucinda Jenney, Stephen Kings Thinner

A King Movie, King Author Stephen King
Title: Stephen King’s Thinner
Starring: Robert John Burke, Lucinda Jenney, Michael Constantine, Joe Mantagne
Director: Tom Holland
92 Mins
Release Date:
25th October 1996 (USA)
Based on Stephen King’s Novel Thinner

The gypsy caravan slowly snakes its way in a white town. They seem to be everywhere till a confrontation ensues between them and the whites.

Lawyer Billy Halleck (Robert John Burke) while driving from a dinner with his wife Heidi (Lucinda Jenney) accidently kill a gypsy woman.

Convinced that the gypsy’s are a nuisance Judge Phillips (Howard Erskine) sets Halleck free without giving the gypsies a hearing in the court.

Seeing that the white man’s justice is no justice at all, 106 years old Tadzu Limpke (Michael Constantine) the king of the gypsies the father of the dead woman unleashes a gypsy curse.

Simply administered the curse makes the victim thinner claiming judge Phillips who dies a horrible death. With a ballooning weight of 297 pounds Billy rapidly thins to a skeleton. Neglected by his wife who turns to a doctor friend Billy sets off to find a cure for the curse.

With the help of a mobster client Richie Ginelli (Joe Mantegna) they force the gypsies to revert the curse to another person leaving Billy to choose his next victim.

The director Tom Holland did a great job of immortalizing the King of Horror/Thriller books Stephen King on the big Screen. Suspense holds the viewer vice-like and the makeup brings King’s horror description vividly from print to reel.

King’s readers will surely enjoy the movie together with lovers of movies reading like novels.

The movie had an award in 1997 by Academy of Science, Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films of USA

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