Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drama as two families went to collect a corpse.

Drama unfolded yesterday when two families went to collect the corpse of a woman they both alleged to be their wife.

The deceased aged in mid twenties had passed away on 1st April and her body was taken to Lake Side Mortuary at Sori Town in Nyatike District, Nyanza province.

The woman left her first husband in Rachuonyo district after having two children with him. She later remarried in 2000 to a second husband at west Karungu location in Nyatike district.

The area location chief Phares Ogutu said they helped the 1st husband get the wife’s body for burial together with their 9 years son after he produced documents stating they were legally married.

The 2nd husband fled for fear of being arrested and charged for living illegally as husband-and-wife with an officially married woman.

(08/04/09 the article was broadcasted by Radio Citizen and was written while a volunteer at Kenya News Agency in Migori district south Nyanza.)

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