Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Burst Reynolds, Nelly The Longest Yard

Longest star list with flat humor lines
Title: The longest Yard
Starring: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Burst Reynolds, Nelly
Director: Peter Segal
Release date: 6th January 1995 (Norway)
Runtime:113 Mins

The longest yard promises big with its array of stars but disappoints to deliver.
Peter Crewe (Adam Sandler) after failing as a football star finds himself imprisoned for three years for charges of driving under the influence.
In prison the former pro-footballer is faced with corrupt wardens looking for a team to revive their poor performance. Lead by Captain Knauer (William Fichner- Alex Mahon of Prison Break) and Donham (Steve Austin) they force Crewe to assemble an inmates team into a game.
Crewe teams with Caretaker (Chris Rock) to transform the riff raff criminals to a professional team to challenge the wardens. Banking in the team’s hatred for the sardonic wardens the teams find leverage.
Amid limited players and equipments they gain momentum till the wardens get worried. That is when dirty tricks of winning the match takes center stage.
There are many star faces to reckoning with movie lovers. But the storyline hobbles to the end with flat humor lines leaving viewers with quizzical looks.
Amongst the stars are rapper Nelly, WWF’s Dalip Singh aka Great Khali.

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