Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie Review: Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story

Movie: Gifted Hands
Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr, Kimberly Elise, Anjanue Ellis
Director and Producer: Thomas Carter
The enriching life of Dr. Benjamin Carson has been immortalized in a movie.
The movie is based on the book Gifted Hands: The story of Ben Carson written by Carson and Cecil Murphey about the pediatric neuro-surgeon at John Hopkins, Baltimore.
The movie starts with the 1987 birth of siamese twins in Ulm City, West Germany. The parents were told the twins were joined on their heads after a scan. The Rauchs (played by) refused an abortion and killing on child since they loved them both.
The twenty two hours operation became the first separation of twins worldwide done by Dr, Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding Jr.)
Dr. Ben Carson grew up in the ghettos of Detroit from wielding knives to a renowned worldwide surgeon by wielding a scalpel.
From a dummy at the bottom of his fifth grade class Carson raised himself by dedication to God, extensive reading books and thinking positive amongst other tributes.
Thomas Carter, The producer and director has done a great job in summarizing the original book. The ground breaking surgery work by Carson is captured by the separation of the Rausch twins.
On the other hand Gooding Jr make up makes him resemble Dr. Carson in real life.

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