Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FRANCISCO MACIAS NGUEMA. The mad man from Equatorial Guinea.

Francisco Macias Nguema

Guineans believed their first president had supernatural powers. Using the knowledge of witchcraft he inherited from his sorcerer father, President Francisco Macias Nguema built a huge collection of human skulls at his homestead to beat his subjects to submission.

Surrounded by village elders at his state house, Nguema used a bamboo hut as the state pharmaceutical and treasury after closing the central bank. Most of the money rotted on the ground while citizens suffered in subject poverty.

Nguema was favored by the Spanish colonialist as the president on Independence Day, 0ctorber 1968 because of his limited education and mental ability. In favor of a trustworthy collaborator the Spaniards made him a mayor through a civil service test which had failed thrice.

The Spanish plan backfired.

Due to his education inability Nguema had a phobia for intellectuals. 154 days after independence when he found Spanish flags still flying in some parts of Equatorial Guinea he lashed out.

Nguema instructed youths and vigilante groups to attack colonialist. 7,000 Spaniards left, mostly civil servants, left en masse.

Their vacant positions were filled by fellow tribesmen of Esangui. Most notable was his nephew, Colonel Teadore Obiang Nguema Mbosogo; the commander of National Guard, military commander of Fernando Po, a province, and the secretary-general of ministry of defense and head of prisons.

When his foreign minister, Ndongo Miyone, tried to diffuse the tension he was brutally murdered for being too ‘intellectual’ for Nguema liking.

A director of statistics had his body dismembered to ‘help him learn how to count when he gave figures which displeased the president.

A central bank director was executed when he controlled Nguema from plundering the state coffers. Consequently all foreign currency went to his house where he placed the state treasury for his personal use. Civil servants and military salaries always ran long overdue.

When he ran out of money Nguema kidnapped and ransomed foreigners and notable was the $103,600 ransom for a German woman, a Spaniard professor and a dead soviet citizen.

His execution knew no bounds. All former lovers of his current mistresses were executed. The husbands of women he coveted were equally killed.

His pet subjects were intellectuals, education and foreign culture which he rumbled on incoherently on speeches.

He later banned the word ‘intellectual’ in Equatorial Guinea and closed all libraries in the country. Newspaper and printing press were not spared either, they were all banned.

Ultimately education was abolished in 1974 and children were taught political slogans.

He strove to control organized religion by having his pictorials hanging in every church and had himself proclaimed as ‘the only miracle’. Under threat of immediate arrest priests were forced to recite slogans lie;
During his sentencing

“There is no God other than Macias.”
“God created Equatorial Guinea, thanks to Papa Macias. Without Macias, Equatorial Guinea would not exist.”

Nguema was comfortably satisfied when through citations on 1974-75 he banned religious meetings, funerals and sermons. All Christian names were abolished. He turned churches to warehouses. He stored state weapons in a cathedral at Malabo, the capital city.

Nguema’s demise came in 1979 when his ambitious nephew colonel Obiang Nguema feared he could go down with the when he started showing overt madness.

Nguema smoked bhang and a local stimulant, Iboga. He started hallucinating and having monologues with his dead victims. Due to old age he turned deaf. On September 1979 alongside his five most brutal aides Nguema was sentenced to death by firing squad at Malabo’s Blabich Prison.

For fear of supernatural powers, the Guineans hired Moroccan soldiers to shoot him. To date Francisco Macias Nguema ghost is still potent in Equatorial guineas politics.


  1. Thats a lie all you're Facts are based on lies. He was the first man ever to became president of Equatorial Guinea.
    Elected for president from the people he was the the first man to ever gain independence from Spain with out a civil war. The fact is he got over thrown by a Dictator named Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

    Thats way Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo face is posted on the "National Worst world Dictators of the 21 Centry".
    but i bet you al ready know that don't you?
    how much did the poeple working for Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo pay you?
    what ever happend to you're Pride?
    the facts you're Writing are bassed on Lies

    1. Saying that Francisco Nguema was worse than Obiang isn't saying that Obiang isn't bad. It's just saying that Fransisco was way fucking worse!

  2. Thanks to my anonymous reader.

    Honestly "how much did the poeple working for Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo pay you?" isn't viable since i have never met them.

    As for the facts they are always up to date unless another reader is welcomed to leave a comment with more facts.


  3. a dictator so violent and insane that a quarter of population had fled the country, dear lord, mother Africa became a place where only mad men prevail,from the resources-hungry colonists to the bloodthirsty dictators

  4. One thing is for sure Manuel... keep on reading your comics and making up stories with no facts, you sure really tell us how much they have paid you for that bucket of bullshit... I bit you are another money hungry nigga that doesn't mind to get fucked like most of Obiang's followers for a bunch of dollars

  5. Dear Anonymous (Oct 24, 2011),

    “I often get anonymous messages calling me rude names, It is truly cowardly. For moral courage allows no anonymous abuse. If you must insult me, please supply your name and address so I can reply. If I tire you, please send me a refreshingly original view of your own (not newspaper cuttings). No intelligent person can hope to win an argument by hurling pejoratives. Only those with no argument tend to shout.”

    Philip Ochieng in www.mashada.com

  6. i hope this crap is right*

  7. This is fascinating information - could please include links to your sources for follow-up and to verify the information you are sharing? Thank you!

    1. Dear Jennifer i will recommend a book by Martin Meredith, The State of Africa. Concise on Africa history in the past 50+ years

  8. Some times I feel sad if what we read is true since by then the writers were western oppressors they could write anything to discredit the natives. is it History or Theirstory??

  9. this has confirmed my hypothesis that life is really a garden of weeds.in the world we are living in you either become the only flower in such a garden or you become the most notorious weed.why is it that it is only the most crooked villains that get imprinted on our history books forever??? i also think that to defend such villains with such a passion,you have to be among the lesser weeds.