Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Early Days at Maseno University

Perhaps the first day and the early days at Maseno University will always be marked in my life as the dearest. I remember I insisted on coming from home on my own amid worried looks from my parents who according to me were only raising a storm in the tea cup.

With enough rumors of freedom and the institution where anyone was treated by everybody as an adult I couldn’t belittle myself to be escorted as a form one student.

On alighting from a matatu which had defied all Michuki laws; the first thing that struck me as odd was when I was directed from College campus main gate which in my mind was the university and directed to Siriba campus which I found strange due to the grinning monkeys swinging aimlessly on branches.

All around me other students trudged like drunkards carrying big suitcases to their respective halls of registration, I moved to the monument of Siriba campus where Arts and Social Sciences students were registering.

Among the first days I frequented the Campus Palace for the bottle to shekilegi to the tunes because the money from home and the interested-rated one from HELB made me ride in cloud number nine.

Looking back, I remember how we could show-off the palm toys irrespective of either it was first hand or tenth-hand from seedy backstreets of Nairobi.

 I was left at loose because my simu ya tochi a.k.a Nokia 1100 which made my cousins take ‘photos’ cuddling it was a thousand staircases down the others.

I was quickly integrated to the university slang where ‘freshers’ were being ‘ponyokwad’ with, ’resit’ was a term for failure and ‘exile’ was when your roommate ask you for time out to have a behind closed door meeting with a female student.

My early days were fun filled and we always joke a bout it my buddies.

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