Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Review: Relative Sins by Cynthia Victor

Don’t stay Between Ambition and Power.

TITLE: Relative Sins
AUTHOR: Cynthia Victor
PUBLISHER: Bantam Books, 1994
GENRE: Fiction, junior title
REVIWER: Manuel Odeny

The novel is about naked unbridled ambition that breeds betrayal, greed and lust for power. Cameroon Hawkes, the man character, was raised by a single prostitute mother operating a brothel for truck drivers. With a mother too busy with her ‘work’ the neglected Cameroon Hawkes is taunted by rich neighborhood kids. To belong the youngster starts peddling drug to truck drivers and find his way to New York City.

In the city that never sleeps Cameroon Hawkes starts a shady company producing baby formula to cover up his shady deals of supplying drugs to actors.

Cameroon Hawkes want to make it rich. He desires respect and power. To get at the top he requires a cliché of rich friends. He seduces and sweep off Kailey Richards only daughter to immigrant Russian Jews with the hottest club in the city: Rodost. With low self esteem and adolescent naiveté Kailey marries the charming Hawkes against her parents wish.

As Kailey strive to make her house a happy home, Hawkes, through his rich inlaws connection to make himself rich and powerful.

Its only when they get their first daughter that Kailey sees the wicked Hawkes. He sells off her parents’ assets when they die and abuse her physically and psychologically.

Kailey finds herself standing between Hawkes and his ambition when she realizes poisoning of a rival’s baby formula products that leave two infants dead and a score of others terribly ill. Her once beloved husband threatens to harm her and her daughter if she talks to anyone.

With their lives at stake and Cameroon Hawkes blinded by his ambition, Kailey and her infant daughter
Flee. In the wake of their escape the wreckage of the car is found in a valley. Kailey presumes her daughter is dead. Cameroon Hawkes believes both his wife and daughter are dead……..

Separated by relative sins the characters are later brought together by ambition unknown to each other through a twist of betrayal and greed as Cameroon Hawkes second family meets his ‘first family’ by a stroke of fate.

Cynthia Victor uses simple language and the scene of the worlds of the characters are brought out vividly. The author grips until she brings the characters together in a climax that leaves the reader with abated breath. If you read for entertainment and fancy suspense then this book is for you.

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