Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Review: Only Love by Erich Segal

Only Love True, will make me Love you.
TITLE: Only Love
AUTHOR: Erich Segal
GENRE: Fiction
PAGES: N/A, read from Readers Digest collection, 1998

An adage goes: when love is the music of life, only love can make the heart sing. A young pauper doctor, Dr. Hiller falls in love with an heiress, Silvia from Italy during a volunteer work in Eritrea.

The young lovers fall in depth and face the world in robust as they help the improvised children in Eritrea. It is only after an accident with rebels that the difference between their two world, the rich and poor, clash that love tumbles. They are inevitably separated.

Worlds apart Dr. Hiller immerse himself in books and becomes a micro-biologist specialized in DNA to treat disease. With love gone soar he finds solace in academy.

Meanwhile Silvia marries an heir from home, Nicollo Rinaldi and becomes a rich man’

Carrying a burdened heart and memories etched on his mind Dr. Hiller becomes a respected doctor and goes on to marry another woman, his university sweetheart.

It is only when Silvia suffers from a tumor on her brain that fate brings them together that only love can conquer. Only Dr. Hiller has the experience to save Silvia after other doctors have failed. And its only love which can save the heart ache. After carrying a heavy burden of live dr. Hiller has not only a patient to treat but a lover to bring to life.

The novel reaches a climax as fate which broke the two young love birds bring together more mature adults. The fate threatens to break and mend their hearts and marriages.

Erich Segal writes of love, not of romance.

It’s a second novel by Erich Segal I have read after Love Story, 1970. Erich Segal is masterful with the pen in writing love stories, Mark you not romantic stories. He gets the reader and moves through the set and context expertly in a coherent flow. In love stories, he is what John Grisham is in court room drama. An expert.

In addition, being a Yale University professor of Classic dabbling with a pen bring the love stories out strong like classics with words beautifully arranged to strum the heartstring and make the reader live the emotional story.

His, author’s story, are the only ‘lurvy-durvy’ stuff on the shelves I enjoy. No romantic novel with romantic ideas and dreams out of reality with the real world. Always homing otiose minded readers out of reality in search of solace in their dream worlds.

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