Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Grisham The King of Torts

The Kingdom of Torts, a Million Dollar Worth of Greed.

TITLE: The King of Torts
GENRE: Fiction
AUTHOR: John Grisham
PUBLISHER: Arrow books, 2003
PAGES: 490
REVIEWER: Manuel Odeny

A mysterious source selects an underpaid lawyer at office of the public defender to cover up a conspiracy for $15Million. He, the lawyer did not know that he could be ushered to be the king of torts.

The mysterious source, Max Pace supplied damaging documents to squash the perceived enemies and help the lawyer, Clay Curtis 11 in mass litigation.

This is yet another fictional book by the legal thriller John Grisham entailing the greed about lawyers and the inside game of mass tort lawyers. The story line is gripping and the set in easy flowing character.

The book is purely fictional and no accuracy to the real world. The Author clearly illuminates what happens in the greed of mass litigation. Within the author's note Grisham writes:

"If I can't find a building, then I’ll construct one on the spot. If a street does not fit on my map, then I wont hesitate to either move it or draw a new map. I would guess that about the half the places in this book are described somewhat correctly. the other half either doesn't exist or have been modified or relocated to such an extent that no one would recognize them. Anyone looking for accuracy is wasting time."
John Grisham

Public defender, attorney-at-law clay Curtis II is underpaid and stuck in an office he is ashamed to show his friends and is desperately looking for an exist out. That is until a murder case stumbles on his lap together with a mysterious source.

With the only chance to mint millions Clay takes the case dumps his client and move forward to the tort game. Unlike his previous world of poverty where he loses his girlfriend, Rebecca, the rookie Clay is ushered to the filthy rich and boasting tort lawyers. a creed of vultures circling and waiting for a massive kill,

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